Eating Out, Books and Blogs Policy

I love to eat out in all sorts of establishments from street food to 3-star Michelin restaurants. I also spend hours looking at cookery books and food blogs.

I am not however a food or book/blog critic. In writing about these topics, I am merely sharing with you, what I liked and why. Specifically, in the case of eating out, I may have only visited a place once (such as when on holiday) or I may have been many, many times. I simply write about what I find when I am there. The views are all my own and I receive no reward, financial or otherwise, to visit any of these establishments.

Likewise, the books and blogs I highlight are my personal favourites. Like my food reviews, you may not agree with me and you may have different experiences or indeed you may just have different tastes to me! I guess that is the nature of the business; personal preference has a huge part to play. Equally, poor food and service can happen in the best restaurants, albeit rarely, and places change hands which can lead to many changes.

As a general rule, I will not feature anything I do not like. I want only to feature and make recommendations on positive experiences and books/blogs.

There is a comments section after each post, so if you agree or disagree, it may be useful to share your experiences with other readers in this space.