Photograph of Mango Ice Cream - No Churn
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Mango Ice Cream – No Churn

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Mango is Charlotte’s favourite fruit so I just had to make a Mango Ice Cream in this first collection. Here it is! Bursting with the flavour of fresh mango, Charlotte adored this smooth and silky tropical ice cream. I think it reminded her of her adventures in Bali, Australia and New Zealand which she sadly had to curtail due to COVID 19.

I was inspired by a recipe on Recipe Tin Eats using fresh mangoes but sadly none of the mangoes in our local supermarket were ripe enough. (A common problem for us here in the UK – you need to plan ahead with certain fruits and this was a spontaneous ice cream kind of day!) However, I I had a tin of mango pulp in the cupboard so used that instead. It was amazing and so easy – I used Nagi’s tip of reducing the mango pulp to intensify the flavour and this worked a treat. If you would like to make this with fresh mangoes, please see Nagi’s recipe here.

This recipe is adapted from my No Churn Ice Cream – Core Recipe. For other easy ice cream ideas, take a look. 

How to make Mango Ice Cream – No Churn

Collect all your ingredients together:

  • mango pulp
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • salt
  • double cream

Measure out the mango pulp and cook over a medium heat to reduce by half. Keep an eye on it and stir from time to time to stop it from sticking. Careful – it does spit when cooking and makes a bit of a mess so wear an apron or an old T shirt. I covered my saucepan with a sieve which really helped. Once reduced, leave to cool. (Sorry forgot to photograph this stage but it is pretty jolly simple!) If you have any left over mango pulp, it is delicious in smoothies and also freezes well.

Now all you need to do is simply whisk the reduced mango pulp and salt into the condensed milk until well mixed. Add the double cream and whip until thickened. Pour into a freezer proof container. Cover with baking parchment, seal with a lid and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours. Voila!

NB I always add a tiny bit of salt – it really helps to enhance all the flavours.

Also, please note that when I photographed this, I made 6 ice creams in a day and halved the ingredients for each ice cream and this is reflected in the photographs – there is only so much we can eat! Therefore, the quantities you make using the recipe below will be double that shown.

A few hours later!

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Mango Ice Cream – No Churn

Mango is Charlotte's favourite fruit so I just had to make a Mango Ice Cream in this first collection. Here it is – bursting with the flavour of fresh mango Charlotte adored this smooth and silky tropical ice cream.

Course Dessert, Snack
Keyword Ice cream, mango, mango pulp, no churn
Prep Time 15 minutes
Author Susan


  • 2 cups of mango pulp
  • 1 tin/396g sweetened condensed milk
  • ⅛ teaspoon fine salt
  • 500g double/heavy cream


  1. Collect together your equipment (see Recipe Notes below) and ingredients.

  2. Cook and reduce the mango pulp:

    Cook the mango pulp in a saucepan over a moderate heat, lid off, until reduced by half. Stir from time to time to avoid sticking. It will spit whilst reducing so I cover mine with a sieve – saves a bit of mess!

  3. Set on one side to cool.

  4. Make the ice cream: pour the condensed milk into a mixing bowl. Add the mango pulp and the salt.

  5. Beat until thoroughly mixed.

  6. Add the cream and whisk until thickened.

  7. Transfer to a freezer proof container with a lid.

  8. Cover the top of the ice cream with baking parchment and seal with the lid.

  9. Freeze for a minimum of 6 hours. Remove from the freezer for 10 minutes to soften a little before you serve it.

Recipe Notes


  • Kitchen scales and measuring spoons
  • saucepan
  • sieve or mesh saucepan/frying pan cover
  • electric whisk and  mixing bowl
  • freezer proof container with a lid
  • baking parchment

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