Picture of brown sugar softened in the microwave
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Softening Brown Sugar

Have you ever gone into your kitchen cupboard for brown or muscovado sugar to find it is rock solid? This should only happen if you have opened a packet but how often do you use a whole packet all at once? There is a really simple solution to this, and it doesn’t involve a hammer and chisel!

You simply:

  • place your brick of sugar in a microwave safe bowl
  • wet and lightly ring out a piece of kitchen towel
  • place it over the sugar and microwave for 1 minute
  • use a fork to break up the sugar as much as possible
  • if you still have lumps, cover again with wet kitchen towel, place back in the microwave and blitz for 15 seconds
  • use a fork to continue to break up the sugar
  • continue until you can mash your sugar completely with a fork.

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